Global Reset – Wake up woke

December 1, 2020 Daily Phoenix 0

Time Magazine recently published a series of articles outlining a plan for a global reset. A group of academics and economists intend to use the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst to their plans for reshaped the world markets. The plan would be a slippery slide inside into a communist state.

person dropping paper on box

The Kraken or Calamari

November 27, 2020 Daily Phoenix 0

The allegations range from international election fraud to counting illegal spoiled ballots in favor of Vice President Biden. If the Democrats could find a way to cheat, they did.

Arizona: Update Voter Irregularities & Disputes

November 13, 2020 Daily Phoenix 1

Legal battles continue to rage in Arizona. As it stands tonight there is merely a slim margin of votes standing between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden. Biden currently leads with 10,016 votes, which in Arizona is not small enough to trigger an recount.

smiling man carrying baby on his neck

Laughter: The best medicine

August 12, 2020 Daily Phoenix 1

Some parents are good at cooking, crafts, organized schedules or being supermom. I do silly. That is all I got, really. If you get the chance, go for it. Make your kids laugh every day. Be the nerd. Be goofy. Be weird.