Racist Marxist and Our Plan for World Domination (Satire)

Dear Fellow Racist Marxists,

It’s time to have a family meeting and discuss our plans for world domination.

Alas, people are catching on to our sinister plans. Because CRT makes no logical sense, and the theory does not actually solve or explain any real-world problems we the woke have decided to double down on it. We will be even more racist than ever before. We kicked Asians out of the POC category because they are too successful, and it does not fit the narrative.

God forbid we let minority groups succeed in the United States. We have to knock them down a peg.

Our next order of business is to convince everyone to refer to Asians as yellow people at all times. Make sure everyone knows that you are only valuable to us for your skin tone.

Well, shoot all these yellow people and first-gen Americans work really hard and are successful in the US. That doesn’t fit our plan to reset the system. Okay, we will just say they were the masterminds behind it all. We will say that white westerners created a system of oppression to keep everyone down but those yellow people were behind it the whole time pulling the strings. Genius. Let us give ourselves high-fives.

Now that Biden won reelection, we can showcase our Marxist plans for world domination in plain sight. Make sure you do not read our sneaky plan in Time magazine titled The Great Reset. Shhh….

In our next meeting, we will discuss East Indians. We’ll just lump them in with the privileged yellow people and hope nobody notices.

Bye-bye for now,
Sincerely the woke

Remember Hashtag Black Lives Matter

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