The Kraken or Calamari

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Sidney Powel dropped a few bombs on the Biden campaign the night before thanksgiving. She filed lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan that contained damning allegations of election fraud.

Both lawsuits include eyewitness and expert testimonies. A cornerstone of the lawsuits rests on the Dominion voting system fraud. It also includes evidence of direct fraudulent behaviors including harassment, intimidation, and the removal of Republican poll watchers.

The allegations range from international election fraud to counting illegal spoiled ballots in favor of Vice President Biden. If the Democrats could find a way to cheat, they did.

Democrats Are Worried

The reaction from the left has been a pure terror. Twitter crossed over the line per usual and banned the legal documents from being shared on their platform. You can view both of the major allegations here:



Media giants are rushing to sweep the news under the rug but there is no stopping the reach of the Kraken’s tentacles. The biggest criticism of the lawsuit has been that they contained spelling errors. It’s a bad sign for Biden when your lofty opprobrium of your opponent amounts to typos.

Consequently, the plans to dethrone Governor Whitmer are picking up steam. The governor has become very unpopular for her handling of the COVID-19 virus. The voter irregularities that amount to fraud, reflect poorly on her leadership.

Aside from Michigan, there are several lawsuits filed around the country that could move the board in favor of a Trump presidency. Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis will be making a visit to the Grand Canyon state. They will be continuing to battle for a safe and fair election. In Pennsylvania, Trump’s legal team is planning on appealing to the Supreme Court. Trump’s legal pathway to reelection is still alive and well.

Here is a message from Giuliani that speaks to their passion for truth.