Arizona: Update Voter Irregularities & Disputes

Legal battles continue to rage in Arizona. As it stands tonight there is merely a slim margin of votes standing between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden. Biden currently leads with 10,016 votes, which in Arizona is not small enough to trigger a recount.

Secretary of State Bias

Several election controversies have arisen over the week. Secretary of State Katie Hobbs(Ms. Judgy) came under fire after it was revealed that she referred to Trump supporters as Neo-nazis in a tweet from 3 years ago. As of this writing, she has not withdrawn her remarks from the public platform.

It was also revealed that Hobbs went against the legal convention and wrote her plan for canvassing the election. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit against Hobbs, requesting that the officials follow the state law. Hobbs has also not been forthcoming in her knowledge of the controversial Dominion software. Secretary Hobbs had several opportunities to publish the findings of the reviews of Dominion software and failed to do so. Her ability to act with impartiality in the 2020 general election is coming into serious question.

Arizona is one of many battleground states that have been confirmed to have used the Dominion software in their election. The software should have been tested in a bipartisan manner before the 2020 election, however, it was not. Rae Chornenky(say that name 5 times fast), the chair of the Maricopa County Republican Party, has resigned from her position after it was uncovered that she did not participate in the required pre-election certification. The legitimacy of the entire election is in question because this assessment was not done.

GOP Response

GOP chair Dr. Kellie Ward has promised to keep voters abreast of the legal battles in the state. Senator Kelly Townsend, among other Republicans, is calling for a recount and forensic audit of the general election due to a lengthy list of voting irregularities. Townsend sent out a press release calling for a recount and listing various irregularities. Notably, she revealed that there are 36,473 persons registered to vote in Arizona that are unable to establish citizenship.

“The registration process is such that a person could fabricate a name and when that name is not found in the MVD system, they are then added to the Federal only voter rolls. This lack of security leads to a major distrust in the voting system in Arizona. In this instance, the number of Federal only voters far exceeds the difference in votes in the presidential election. This high number could be the difference that sways the outcome of an election. This, in and of itself is enough to collapse voter confidence.”(Townsend)

If these persons were to have voted, it would be difficult to locate their ballots because they would be mixed in with the rest of the ballots. Townsend had previously introduced legislation to amend this issue, but it was not passed in the state house of representatives. The scrutiny that is being put on the election process in shedding light on serious issues that are unknown to most voters.

Regardless of the outcome of the 2020 general election, it is imperative that these inconsistencies are addressed going forward.

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