Donald Trump: Don’t pack your bags!

Donald Trump: Don't Pack
Donald Trump: Don't Pack

White House staff receive a memo.  Don’t pack your bags in January.

Tuesday White House staffers were first told that they “will start departing” on the week of Jan. 4. The memo included instructions for departure such as “cleaning out the refrigerators. Instructions for salaries and benefits were also included. The staffers were quickly told to disregard the memo. An email that came Wednesday reversed the instructions.

The White House Management Office EOP staffers were instructed to “please disregard” an earlier memo.

The White House is no longer under the impression that they “will start departing” on the week of Jan. 4.

It appears the Trump administration is not making plans to leave the White House. The White House does not appear to be transitioning to a Biden administration. This information comes after Trump’s appointee stopped intelligence briefings with Biden’s team.

Commentary from Trump’s team

Mike Pompeo seemed incredibly confident several weeks ago that Trump will not be leaving the White House any time soon.

Kayleigh McEnany made similar statements regarding a transition of power.

Trump’s legal team continues to fight to have every legal vote counted and not to count the illegal votes. Vice president Mike Pence reiterated that sentiment when he spoke recently in the state of Florida. Aside from the Trump legal team there are other groups also filing legal challenges. Trump’s attorney Jenna Ellis has made an effort to announce that there are many distinct cases.

Sidney Powell has filed several lawsuits separately from the President and the voter integrity alliances in multiple states filed a new lawsuit on December 22, 2020. The voter alliance lawsuit is notable because it lists Vice President Mike Pence as a defendant in the case. Click here to see the case details.

The message from Donald Trump to the White House staff is don’t pack your bags.

Are we about to have a smooth transition to a second Trump administration? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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