Warning for Christians

In my last post, I discussed racial disparities. I tried to weed through some of them practically but in reality, what we are seeing is a spiritual problem.

You matter to God

There was a professor in the 1940s that did a study interviewing children of different races. What they discovered baffled researchers. Even the black children showed a bias against their own race. The kids were asked which doll was ugly and children of every race preferred the white babies. It does not make logical sense that children who spend the majority of their lives being nurtured by people of their own race would come to such a bizarre conclusion. There is a spiritual force at work here.

Some people think that they need to do the work to tear down unjust systems of oppression. There are people even within the church that believe they are in a holy war against white supremacy.

We are not fighting white supremacy. We are fighting a spiritual battle. The deceiver is telling black people in the United States that they don’t matter. Do not mistake who your real enemy is. You do not need to war against your brothers and sisters in Christ. White people are not this powerful. Black brothers and sisters in Christ should feel wrapped in God’s love. You are his beloved. You do not need white people to change before black people can draw closer in their relationship with Christ. Everyone can come boldly before the throne today.

I posted a music video in the last post and it is a good reminder for us all. You are God’s beloved and I pray that He would help you believe it. Let’s pray for our black friends and family specifically that they will know they matter to God. Beloved you have a seat at the King’s table. You matter to God and His love for you is deep. I hope you listen to the words of this song and know that God cares for you. You are chosen and not forsaken.

I also want to leave you with a warning. Do not go-around making blanketed statements and assumptions about certain people because of their skin tone. Those are worldly behaviors. The enemy wants you to hurl false accusations at each other. He is the author of confusion, the father of lies, the accuser of the Brethren. He loves it when you accuse someone falsely of racism.

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