I love Google yes I Do. I love Google how ’bout You?

I love Google yes I Do. I love Google how 'bout You? mitchell-luo-jz4ca36oJ_M-unsplash

The internet is on fire with dicussions about the great twitter purge of 2021. Conservatives are being removed from social media platforms at an alarming rate. Apple, Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook are mega media giants that control what you are allowed to see. The best way to get this type of information into the search engines is to use phrases that are liberal media friendly. Ex: I love Google yes I Do. I love Google how ’bout You?

Stop using google

Here is an example of google censorship to a more moderately conservative site.

Google omits search results for any conservative ideas so most of the referrals come from smaller search engines. Google is far more powerful and it’s what most people are using.

Stop what you are doing right now and change your homepage from Google. Duckduckgo is an option and they have an app. Yes, they still have your tracking information but bing, yahoo, and pretty much anything else will be far more likely to give accurate search results.

Google has features like google translate that are incredile but for everyday searches please stop using google. They are controlling the flow of information more than people are aware. Google censorship is more dangerous than Facebook and Twitter. Fight back while we can.


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