Meeting With The President

Michael (Mike) Lindell is famous for selling a pillow called My Pillow. He has been a vocal Trump supporter. Mike Lindell met with President Trump for approximately 5-10 min today. He shared evidence with the president about election fraud. The notes that he had with him were reportedly from an unnamed attorney. As Mr. Lindell left the White house his notes were visible and the images were caught on camera.

Jabin Botsford of the Washington Post presented the images of the documents to Twitter.

Internet sleuths have tried to piece together the notes from the meeting. It is reported that Mr. Lindell has denied that the phrase “Martial Law” was written anywhere on the document. The phrases “trigger emergency powers” and “insurrection act” also appear to be on the document. If the President were to enact the Insurrection Act to deal with foreign election interference that does not mean that there would be martial law nationwide. It is believed that if the President were to enact military assistance it would be targeted to the areas of need.

Second Term

Mr. Lindell has remained adamant that President Trump will be re-elected for a second term. This is a popular video of Mr. Lindell that has been shared with Trump supporters.