Day 1: The Beginning of Our Internet Adventure

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Today starts a new chapter in our lives. We are about to enter the world wide web as a husband and wife blogging team. We are not strangers to the internet but this will be a new experience for us. We hope to document this adventure accurately and share what we have learned. We will be making simple yet important decisions on what content we would like to focus on, logo & web design as well as marketing strategies.

Lately, we have had a huge desire to speak to the world regarding a fair and balanced world view. What we have seen from news outlets on both sides of the political spectrum has been a game of “two truths and a lie.” Our friends, colleges, neighbors, and communities are being swept into a frenzied rush of misinformation. Together, We see their emotions being played with and them being used as instruments in a war on truth. We want to shed light in the dark places and expose the truth. Our goal is to seek the truth first.


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