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The courtroom was filled with emotion today in Pennsylvania. Trump’s legal team called on witnesses that made damning allegations of election fraud. Some witnesses were on the brink of tears while sharing their experiences. Former mayor Rudy Giuliani shared that there were witnesses that were willing to testify that been involved in the election fraud. They were now ready to “blow the whistle’ on the activities that they had witnessed and participated in.

Giuliani later shared that they had witnesses that were not able to testify because they had been threatened with losing their employment and threats to their children’s education. It was clear that these witnesses felt an immense amount of pressure from democrats not to share their information.

“This is an election that we won easily and we won it by a lot”

The mood in the room changed when a call came in from President Donald Trump. There were cheers and applause as the President’s call came in from the Oval office. “The poll watchers were not allowed to watch,” he said, and “Republican poll watchers were treated like dogs”

During his call from the oval office, Trump refers to this case as Rudy Giuliani’s” crowning achievement”. Make no mistake, if this election is overturned, it will be Guiliani’s greatest achievement to go along with his handling of the mob and 9/11.

Senator Judy Ward inquired of the legal team for more details about what action they were hoping to accomplish. ” Regarding a forensic audit, would we be able to do that,” said Rudy

“There are indications this was a deliberate fraud.”

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The Trump team feels that overturning the election may be reasonable in the situation, given the amount of evidence flowing in. They felt that if it had been merely a handful of votes then they would not be suggesting such measures. The voter fraud allegations were totaling well into the thousands.
As part of her final arguments, Jenna Ellis believed that the one option that should not happen was to ignore the evidence and certify an irredeemable election.

The performance at the hearing will be music to the ears of Republicans holding out hope for Trump’s legal battle to bring forth substance. The President is not ready to concede anything in this election until every legal vote is counted and the American people truly get their day in court.

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