Arizona Election 2020: Voter fraud?

The rumor mills are churning out whispers of fraud throughout the country and much of it is moving beyond speculation into sound evidence. Arizona’s presidential race is among the tight races put under the microscope.

Presidential Race Arizona

Conservative Congressman Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar spoke with Charlie Kirk to discuss how the close race in Arizona will continue to play out in the Grand Canyon State over the immediate future.

In their conversation, they discussed that Arizonans have reported anecdotal evidence of undocumented immigrants illegally voting in Arizona’s general election. Concrete evidence has not been announced but they are assuring the Arizona electorate that they are investigating claims of voter fraud. There is a lawsuit filed in Arizona called the “green button lawsuit”, which alleges that roughly 1,000 ballots were canceled at the polls by poll workers that pressed a green button. This green button would have ruled their vote as canceled.

One single issue does not appear to change the outcome of the Arizona election results as it stands today. President Donald Trump is trailing Joe Biden by just under 12,000 votes. Other inconsistencies throughout the state of Arizona are that state representatives outperformed the president in votes received. While it is not uncommon for voters to choose to vote for only the presidential candidates, it is unusual for voters to leave the office of president blank.

Arizona should not seat electors until issues are addressed in other states

Other state legislators, including Kelly Townsend, are calling for Arizona to hold a special legislative session. The integrity of the United States elections is coming into question. As evidence of voter fraud pours into other areas, there is growing demand for Arizona to scrutinize the legitimacies of it’s election process. An outcry from the GOP is demanding that Governor Ducey act accordingly. The consensus is that Arizona should not seat electors until the issues of fraud are addressed in other states.

National voter fraud allegations

While the race is close in Arizona, most of the inconsistencies and fraud allegations that are being brought to light are from the national stage. Among those concerns is the Biden-Harris approval rating among black Americans. How did Joe Biden perform better with the black community than Barack Obama? Joe Biden is known for making insensitive remarks such as saying that he didn’t want his children to grow up in a “racial jungle,” about black Americans and that if you do not vote for him that you “ain’t black.” How are we to believe that this seemingly bumbling buffoon won over so many black Americans when the enormously popular President did not?

Do black Americans feel like their lives were improved under the Obama/Biden administration? Patrisse Cullors of the Black Lives Matter national group does not seem to trust the administration’s intentions. She immediately wrote a letter lobbying the presidential candidate to take an interest in the demands of the Black Lives Matter political group. Cullors is correct in her assessment of president Biden’s interest in black America throughout his career. In his 47 years in office, he has never taken a serious interest in the issues before the racial riots of 2020.

We love Math

We are big fans of math over here at the daily phoenix and Steve Cortes laid the smackdown on some of the seemingly impossible mathematical inconsistencies in the 2020 election results. Steve Cortes’ short segments highlight election irregularities.

In a four-part assessment, Steve Cortes highlighted some of the major questions facing the election outcome. While mostly circumstantial, this issue of election fraud is serious. Milwaukee had an 84% voter turnout. He mentions that even in Australia, where you are fined if you do not participate in their election, they still only receive a 90% voter turnout. Cleveland, which wasn’t a hotly disputed area, only had a 51% turnout in this election. How did Wisconsin achieve this seemingly impossible feat? While it should be noted that increased mail-in voting could account for some of this, it is still so vastly different than a typical election. Further investigation is necessary to assure the public that this is not more than a fluke.

In part two of the assessment Cortes noticed the same inconsistency above that Biden seemed to have the rock-star turnout that Barak Obama was showered with.

“The key swing county of Montgomery in Pennsylvania was won by Obama in 2012 by 59,000 votes, but Biden doubled that with a 131,000 vote margin despite the county only growing by 22,000 over that time. (Not the Bee) ” You can view the whole story here.

In part 3, Cortes mentions that there were a suspicious number of voters that voted only for Joe Biden and left the rest of the ballot blank. In every election, some voters choose to vote for just the presidential candidate, but in Georgia, the number of Biden voters that chose that option was 95,801 to Trump’s 818. These unrealistic numbers baffle the statisticians.

In part four, Cortes highlights that vetting for mail-in voting appears to be severely lacking in this election. Mail-in voting was pushed by the Democratic party due to COVID-19 concerns, but Republicans were apprehensive due to worries of fraud. In a normal election, some ballots must be rejected due to fraud or incompletions. In Pennsylvania this year, only .03% were rejected. That number pales in comparison to the 3% typical rejection rate or the 21 % rejection rate that New York experienced this summer.

Without a doubt, there is reason to investigate allegations of fraud to assure a fair election for 2020 and future elections.

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