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I just read an article from the Babylon Bee that is heartbreaking. The comments are cruel and unnecessary. A mommy blogger recently had her business canceled due to a vicious attack from the left. She has donated her time to help people, but they found out that she also has donated money to a Republican candidate (Donald Trump). The leftists made huge assumptions about her based on one single event and their own misconceptions.

We can blame much of the divide on our media. Mainstream media outlets propagate these poisonous lies. People need to learn to listen to each other and stop making assumptions.

Every voter wants the best for our country and we will never completely agree on policy issues. Eveyone needs to stop believing that voting Democrat means you are a godless commie or that voting Republican means you are a heartless racist. People are voting with the best intentions and information available to them. Of course, we should hold strong to our values but learn to have healthy debates. Name calling and cancelling people will shut down important dialog.

Shop Your Values: Cancel Those That Cancel Others

There are plenty of companies that donate to political campaigns that are fairly benign. Some even donate to both political parties, but please DO walk away from companies that are actively trying to silence or harm people they disagree with.

We are in a war over our freedom of speech right now. Censorship has reached scary levels of overbearance. Some companies are racketeering and creating monopolies so that no one else is allowed to compete. Google is especially at fault for limiting freedom of expression and discussion. The article below mentions some of the histories behind why you may choose to avoid certain companies.

If you like conservative/moderate articles please get in the habit of sharing them because those articles will not show up in most Google searches. Christian and moderate viewpoints are not tolerated by Google, Apple, Microsoft, and the rest of the current big tech. This unprecedented level of censorship is only getting worse. We do need to take a stand for our values but we do not need to behave like people on the far left that are trying to crush dissenting ideas.

If you like a site that is Christian or conservative then share it, like it, leave comments, and frequently visit the site. Those are all free ways that you can fight back against censorship and the cancelling of ideas. Leaving comments tells the search engines that what you just read was important.

The article below is definitely worth reading and sharing with your friends and family.

From Now On, I Am Choosing to “Vote With my Wallet.” Here’s Why.

For four years, we saw leftists boycott and bully companies who supported any aspect of conservatism, whether it be Chick-Fil-A, or Goya Beans.  …

From Now On, I Am Choosing to “Vote With my Wallet.” Here’s Why.

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