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What Happens Next: Democratic Control and Conservative Action

January 7, 2021 Daily Phoenix 0

When people feel desparte enough to break into the capitol building to speak with lawmakers you know not working for them.

Republicans Are Guilty of Treason or Sedition?

January 3, 2021 Daily Phoenix 1

Since the November third general election, Republicans have been working to examine voter irregularities that amount to fraud. Mike Pence confirmed Jan 2, 2021, that he welcomes efforts by lawmakers to object to the electoral college vote on Jan 6. This reconfirms that Mike Pence remains passionate about election integrity.

Donald Trump: Don't Pack

Donald Trump: Don’t pack your bags!

December 24, 2020 Daily Phoenix 0

Tuesday White House staffers were first told that they “will start departing” on the week of Jan. 4. The memo including instructions for departure such as “cleaning out the refrigerators” and instructions for salaries and benefits. The staffers were quickly told to disregard the memo. An email that came Wednesday reverses the instructions.

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Trump’s Election Hopes Gain Momentum

December 22, 2020 Daily Phoenix 0

This would start the momentum that Trump needs to overturn the election. Trump still has several pathways to a second term but having a state flipped from Joe Biden would bring attention to the issue of voter fraud.